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Experience values ​​combined with contemporary spirit The company, founded in 1988 by Margret Degener, has dealt with the promotion and motivation of employees, the improvement of workflow processes and the increase of competences and revenues. The company has always adapted itself dynamically to the needs and conditions of the market and the company: What began with trainings of IT, organization and communication developed through consulting, coaching, lectures and seminars in the area of ​​information management, process optimization and health up to The development of up-to-date and successful management qualities. Today, an adequate response can be given – to digitalization, the changing society with new technologies and speeds, and the demands placed on our professional life. Digitization is a cultural revolution that turns the classic understanding of leadership on its head. The work environment 4.0 also requires Leadership 4.0. Only those who have a strong base and are still able to master the necessary management techniques are able to manage themselves in a team, to lead them on a permanent basis and to work visibly efficiently. With MoreOFFICE® GmbH, for example, more than 30 years of experience with state-of-the-art methods and technologies, which not only live, but also promote, the spirit of the times.